Mortgages for Sports Professionals

If, like me, you are fortunate to play sport professionally or even semi-professionally, you will experience what a rewarding occupation it can be.

However, sports careers are shorter than your average worker and as a result, lenders tend to shy away from assisting on standard terms. Some will allow a term of ten years to match career expectancy and this is too expensive for the majority. Of those that allow you to use a longer term, most will insist that you are paying in to a pension that will support the loan at age 35 (almost impossible to do) or if you have an employment contract signed for when you stop playing with an income that will support the loan  (even more impossible to obtain).

Furthermore, contracts tend to be short as a sportsperson and this also causes lenders to be nervous, especially if you are in your final year and deliberating where to go next. To compound matters, a lot of players fancy trying their hand in different countries these days and getting paid in a foreign currency and paying tax overseas is also a big no no for some of the banks.

During the middle of my career I was given poor financial advice especially around my mortgage and investments and consequently I lost a great deal financially during a time when everyone else was making money! As a result, I became extremely wary of who looked after my finances during the remainder of my career and this was a driving factor behind me qualifying as a mortgage advisor when I finished playing as I never wanted anyone, especially a former colleague or professional, to lose money through poor or inadequate advice.

These days there appears to be greater financial disparity between playing contracts and being able to trust your advisor to keep your confidence is very important (the first thing I looked for when choosing my next advisor). As a former professional I respect how important it is to keep everything confidential and also how busy life can be when you are on the road and training. This is why we take ownership of the whole process from start to finish to keep distractions to a minimum and allow you to focus on results.

Duncan Bell, England

Luckily, since starting at Chartwell Funding I have helped many professionals (and semi-professionals) in numerous sports including rugby, football, cricket, athletics and cycling to name a few. We have direct access to the underwriters at the banks that will assist sports players and will get you a decision in minutes.

If you would like me to discuss how we can assist you, please contact me using [email protected]

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